Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet Scented Sleeeeeep

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(lemon verbena)

I'm not sure when the notion occured to me to scent my very sleeping moments, but I do recall being challenged, back in the early 80's, while writing a nursery catalog that there might not BE such a thing as 'mattress herbs'.
Au contraire, I say there most definitely ARE.

Lying down in your bed and being SURROUNDED by the sweet scents of your favorite herbs and flowers. Every movement releases another caress. Snuggling down in a cloud of Lavender, or Sweet Woodruff or ....oh yes, Lemon Verbena......absolutely enchanting.

Very easy. NO essential oils required.

One merely strips said bed.

One sprinkles the FRESH leaves upon said mattress and returns the bottom sheet...the top sheet....the fluffy, snuggly comforter.

And the delight WAITS....

It's really quite enchanting.

Now, of course, after awhile, the dried herbs turns to flakes and pretty much need to be vacuumed off the mattress, but then you can apply NEW ones!
So yes indeed, Sweet Woodruff is divine, fragrant Rose Petals a true classic and Lemon Verbena is utterly delicious. Scented Geranium leaves are fabulous, Sage leaves are wondrous, and try CLARY SAGE flowers (actually it's the calyces that are MOST fragrant). It is to SWOON it is, it is.

(clary sage calyces)

Now, there are a few choices that, while they are FRAGRANT, might not be EXACTLY what you're looking for, as I found out when I joyously festooned the mattress with fresh BASIL leaves. The gentleman at my side lay down, looked at the ceiling, knitted his eyebrows and announced that THIS was like sleeping in a pizzeria.....We didn't try THAT one again! I'll pass on the Oregano too, but might definitely try Marjoram...mmmmm.
Lavender flowers need to be stripped from the stems to avoid pokey crunchiness. (none too delightful)

So there are myriad ways to embrace the SWEETNESS of what the wondrous herbs have to offer might just want to SLEEP on it!



  1. Thanks for this, LadyB. I know about placing herbs under your pillow for various occasions, but have never thought of sprinkling them over the whole bed!

  2. Brilliant post Lady B!

  3. Oh Wow. Yum Yum Yum!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I'd love to do this with Sweet Annie.